W are passionate about helping the next generation develop the skills needed to be life long mountain bikers. We have some exciting new programs for 2024! If you have a child between 6 and 16, we have something for them. Check them out below!

Programs for Riders Aged 6 to 11

Back for 2024 - The Young Riders Program

This program can accommodate all levels of riders between 6 and 11. It is designed to teach the fundamentals of mountain biking and to promote the love of the sport.  

New! The Pump and Jumps Program

We want to showcase some of the great local bike parks we have around Calgary. This is a great way for riders aged 9 to 11 to learn the skills to ride pump tracks and jump parks with confidence. 

New! The Trail Discovery Program

Do you have a rider that is aged 9 to 11 that is looking to explore the mountains? We will be introducing strong intermediate riders to trails in the West Bragg Creek and Moose Mountain networks. Riders will also be developing the skills needed to tackle terrain they will encounter on these mountain trails. 

Programs for Riders Aged 12 to 16

Back for 2024 - Youth Bootcamp

This is an early season program that will help riders get back into the swing of things! We will build on existing skills, develop new ones and also focus on building endurance so riders are at their best for prime riding season!  

New! The Moose Mountain Program

This program was designed with former Performance Program and Bootcamp participants in mind. Riders will be tackling trails found on the Moose Mountain and Prairie Mountain networks. It will be a great exposure to some of the advance terrain we have in our back yard! 

New! Drop in Jump Clinics

We are excited to have access to the Chestermere Bike Park for 2024! This is one of the best dirt jump parks in Alberta. Our single day clinics will help strong riders develop the fundamental skills require to jump confidently, consistently and safely!