Jump Clinics

New for 2024! Want to up your jumping game? We will be offering jump clinics at the Chestermere bike park. 

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Jump Clinic Details

Our jump clinics will be single day events that run for 3 hours at the Chestermere bike park. There are a variety of jump lines that allow us to work on the basics of jumping and then progress to bigger jumps. Repetition is the best way to learn! Our jump clinics are coached by Level 2 Certified PMBIA instructors that have completed their air module. They will get you jumping safely and consistently! 

Required Skill Level 

Jumping is an advanced maneuver! We do not recommend this clinic for beginner riders. Jumping requires that basic bike handling skills have been consolidated. We recommend that participants are around a level 3 at a minimum. For details see our Rider Level Guide. If you are unsure, please contact us! 


Bring the bike you will be doing your jumping on! Trail bikes and enduro bikes are great! If you have a dirt jumper, those are fun too. But, if you are looking to hit jumps on the trail, bring your mountain bike as you are better off being comfortable on it. Downhill bikes are not recommended as its hard to get enough speed in the Chestermere bike park. Obviously helmets are mandatory. If you have knee and elbow pads, those are recommended as well. 


    Jump Clinics are 145$ + GST

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    Clinic Dates

    • May 31st at 6pm
    • June 7th at 6pm
    • June 22nd at 10am
    • June 23rd at 10am


    Chestermere Bike Park


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this program kid friendly? 

    • This program is designed for adults. If you have a child that wants to work on their jumping, please contact us and we will see what we can do. 

        Do I need a full face helmet? 

        • No, but if you have one you are welcome to wear it!