Rider Level Guide

 We know it can be intimidating to sign up for biking events, but we cater our sessions and group rides to different skill levels so you'll be surround by people with similar abilities. Use the guide below to find out where you fit. It’s possible that you’re between levels, and that’s absolutely fine. For example, a lot of people are somewhere in between levels 2 and 3. If you’re looking for refinement, stick with 2. If you want a challenge, level 3 is the way to go. When in doubt, ask usWe can ensure you find the right fit.



You’re totally new to mountain biking – it looks awesome and fun, but you’re not quite sure where to start. You need somebody to show you the basics and get you rolling, plus get an understanding of the different parts of the bike and how they work together.

Examples: You're riding places like Nose Hill, Fish Creek or a green trail at West Bragg Creek are are getting comfortable on the bike. Maybe you haven't ridden any of these trails and need someone to show you around! 


You have decent skills. You’re able to ride most trails, but have some issues on the harder sections of advanced trails. You want to start ripping the trail instead of riding it, but you need to improve your lines over roots and rocks and nail those corners. Some airtime wouldn’t be bad either.

Examples: You are confident on trails in West Brag Creek and ride the blues at Moose Mountain. You can get down a run like Toothless or Loamzilla but you you want to be more confident. 


You mountain bike on “green” trails, and some “blue” trails, but you’re not 100% confident with roots, rocks and tighter lines. Improving cornering skills and your abilities over rougher terrain are some of your goals.

Examples: You can ride trails like Merlin and Bragging Rights at West Bragg Creek but could be faster and smoother. Trails like 7-27 and Race of Spades at Moose Mountain are a bit intimidating but are something to work towards!


Jumps? Drops? Gnar? Oh yeah. To get truly dialled on the bike, it comes down to refining your technique and line choices. You want to go bigger and get faster.

Examples: You can ride most trails at Moose Mountain/Prairie Mountain. You are ready to start becoming more confident on the steeps, carrying speed in technical sections and working towards some of the features on T-Dub, Race of Spades, Jean Guy etc.