Mike loves a good time, and is pretty much up for any kind of dirt riding. If you want to go downhill fast in the mountains, he’s your guy. Having cut his teeth on the unforgiving slopes of Kicking Horse, he’s also spent lots of time in Whistler, SilverStar and Moose Mountain.



If it has two wheels, David has been on it. Road, track, fat, DH, AM, XC – you name it, he’s probably done it. His coaching style is mellow, heavy on patience, enthusiasm and encouragement. With a degree in biomechanics, NCCP certificates and even a few years of racing, there’s not much that he can’t help you with.


Coach Jodi lives for the stoke and plans her life around adventure. 10 years ago she was introduced to the sport and she knows the feeling of being stuck in “beginner” status. She has worked hard and knows what it takes to get the confidence and skills to progress. She is ready to share her knowledge, experience and stories with new and experience riders alike.



Grayson is full of stoke and usually the most enthusiastic rider in a group. He has the largest skill set of all our coaches, being a proficient downhill, trail, trials and unicycle rider. If you are looking to expand your riding capabilities on technical terrain, he is your guy.