Youth Skill Level Guide

Our goal is to create the best riding and learning experience for each student. Our coaches will group riders into cohorts that will be based on ability, fitness, balance, physical strength, interest, and social skills. We are aimed at helping your child overcome mental adversity, while also keeping them safe and having a blast. We look forward to hosting an awesome learning and riding experience. Use the descriptions below to help us place students in the appropriate group.  


Level 1 - Welcome to Mountain biking: Introduction to mountain biking. Here you will learn the basics of mountain biking and how to stay safe while having tons of fun. The trails that will be ridden will predominantly be green trails, which may have avoidable and unavoidable obstacles. The trails are low grade, but you may come across obstacles 5cm (2 inches) or shorter. Riders must be able to ride without training wheels and be confident on riding on dirt terrain. Kids will need to be able to ride at a moderate pace for 10 minutes without a break. Get ready to spend three hours of being outside doing physical activity. Welcome aboard!


Level 2 - You’ve done this before: Here we will refine and introduce new technical skills which will give riders a deeper sense of control on the bike. The trails that will be ridden ranging from green to blue level terrain, which consists of narrow trails, moderate to steep grade, unavoidable obstacles such as rocks, and roots. Riders must be confident with being able to equally distribute their weight between the two pedals i.e. ride with level pedals while standing. Riders will need to be able to regularly transition from a seated position to a standing position and be able to adjust according to terrain. Riders should be comfortable with changing direction on their bicycle and understand how to use their brakes. Kids will have to be able to ride at a moderate-hard pace for at least 15 minutes without a break.


Level 3 - Wow you’re really good at this: You aren’t shy of roots and rocks and embrace a bit of challenge. The trails in this program will consist of blue and “soft” black level terrain, which will include narrow trails, unavoidable obstacles such as rocks, roots, and drops. Students will learn in depth the foundational skills of mountain biking and scaffold their learning. Riders will build towards developing a strong competency in mountain bike control and confidence on challenging terrain. Riders will need to have ridden mountain bikes in the past and be comfortable with changing directions, using their brakes, and distributing their weight. Kids will have to be able to ride at a moderate-hard pace for at least 20 minutes without a break.