We now have YYCMTB Jerseys available! Order yours here. Our custom jerseys are made by Sombrio, who make some of the best jerseys on the market. They are REALLY nice. We have both men's and women's available in all sizes. Best of all, we're donating the proceeds to MMBTS to help support the development of new trails in the area! 

Jerseys are 70$ +GST. Jerseys are ordered directly form Sombio/LG. They will be shipped to us free of charge and you can pick them up when you attend a ride or join us at the early season meet and greet. Alternatively, you can pay for direct shipping to your address. To make sure we have jerseys by April, orders need to be in by March 12. If you want one, don't wait to long! 

Check out the sizing guide for more info.