At YYCMTB, our goal is to help people have more fun and become better mountain bikers in a safe, relaxed and inclusive learning environment. Whether you’re just starting out and want to get the basics, or a solid rider who wants to hone your skills, we’ll work with you to unlock your riding potential through core skills development and supportive coaching.



We want to unleash joy in people’s lives and get as many people as possible on mountain bikes and out riding. We are passionate about what we do and are committed to showing others how fun and rewarding it can be to get out in nature and hit the trails. 


The YYCMTB Experience

Most people aren’t born with the natural ability to ride a mountain bike. We will work with you to improve your skills, build your confidence, and help you enjoy your rides more.
Our professional PMBI and IMBA certified instructors can take you from “no, that’s too hard” to “YES! THAT WAS AWESOME!” in no time. Our emphasis on core skills development through observation, repetition and evaluation means you will see a quick skill progression that will improve your ability to ride all kinds of trails.