Sponsors and Exclusive Deals

We couldn't do what we do without help from these fine people!

We are so lucky to have Ridley's Cycle as our top sponsor! They have shown an incredible commitment to cycling in Calgary for many decades and both their Kensington and Okotoks locations are top notch. As our title sponsor, Ridley's is offering exclusive discounts to YYCMTB Season's Pass holders.
With your YYCMTB Season's Pass you get:
10% off regular bikes, 5% off E-bikes
15% off full price parts and accessories
5% off trainers and electronics

YYCMTB will be back on Ibis Cycles for 2020!
We'll be at as many Ibis demo days as possible in 2020, and feel free to ask us about why these bikes are so sweet! For those of you looking for a new Ibis, your YYCMTB discount at Ridley's applies. Ridley's is Calgary's only Ibis dealer!

We love USWE packs and have been using them for years. USWE has stepped up again this year to give YYCMTB members great deals on USWE packs and accessories. YYYCMTB Season's Pass holders get 30% of USWE products ordered from their website!!
Contact Us for a discount code. 

Tairin Wheels have been keeping us rolling for the last fews easons, and we're stoked to have their support! Tairin is also offering YYCMTB clients an exclusive discount on wheel sets and rims. Contact Us to get your discount code for 10% off all Tairin products. 

Dakine is helping us out with Covert gloves and Slayer pads, keeping our digits and knees in good shape all season long! YYCMTB Seasons pass holders can get 15% off Dakine gear at Ridley's Cycle!

Straight outta Cochrane, 4iiii power meters can tell you just how much wattage you've got in your cottage. YYCMTB Season's Pass holders get 20% off power meters when purchased through Ridley's Cycle. Contact Us if you want to take advantage of this offer and we'll get you set up with Ridley's and 4iiii.