YYCMTB FAQFrequently Asked Questions = FAQ, as asked by my Mom, my friends, some people I met at a party, etc.

So, what is YYCMTB, exactly?

YYCMTB combines multiple aspects of mountain biking into one service-based company. Trail guiding and mountain bike skill instruction are a natural fit. Riding with many different people on different trails helps inform trail building and stay on top of emerging trends in trail design. Also, it’s the best job in the world – ride, teach and build! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Who or what is “1495295 Ab Ltd.”? It shows as the payee when I go to pay for things via Paypal.

1495295 Alberta Ltd. is YYCMTB. “Come ride sweet trails with 1495295 Alberta Ltd.!!!” just doesn’t sound very catchy…

Can I combine a guided ride and some skill instruction?

Yes, you sure can. Email YYCMTB with some ideas about what you want to work on, and we’ll create a plan together.

What is a “sustainable” trail?

Sustainable trails are best described as natural surface [i.e. dirt] trails that require a minimum of maintenance. In practical terms, this means that they can stand up to regular use and drain water effectively while still being fun to use. In the Calgary area, most of the soil contains a high clay content, which compresses down to form a very hard and durable tread. Unfortunately, if the clay absorbs enough water, it becomes saturated and very susceptible to damage from feet, hooves and tires. Flowing water, however, is the most damaging force that can be applied to a trail.

Water will always flow down a slope along the path of least resistance unless diverted somehow. Sustainable trail building best practice involves making sure that water is diverted from the trail at every opportunity. This can be achieved by including grade reversals along the trail and an outslope across the tread. It does not mandate a specific trail width, nor does sustainable trail have to be devoid of technical features such as roots and rocks.

What about kids?

Kids are young humans that have not reached full maturity. YYCMTB will have skills programs for them in 2017, primarily in July and August when they are out of school.