What’s In Your Pack?

I do my best to pack appropriately for the ride. Long days get more stuff, short days get less. If I’m photographing and/or building trail, it changes again. I’m not a minimalist, but not carrying the kitchen sink with me either. Here is what I take with me:

Regular ride pack: Osprey Raptor 14

Regular ride pack: Osprey Raptor 14

Regular Rides

The pack is an Osprey Raptor 14 with a 3L reservoir. I use this for the majority of my rides at all distances. I vary the amount of water – less for short rides, more for longer rides.

  • tire pump, tire lever, 2 tubes, patch kit – I generally ride tubeless, but weird stuff happens on the trail
  • pressure gauge – I’m pretty good at knowing my tire pressure by feel, but it’s nice to be precise
  • shock pump
  • multi-tool – nothing fancy, but it does include a chain tool that actually works
  • adjustment tool for my CCDBA
  • granola bars – high fat content, cheap and easy to eat, I get the big box from Costco
  • Clif Bloks – pure sugar, easy to eat while climbing
  • Gorilla tape, velcro straps, zip ties – it’s amazing what you can fix with these
  • pink flagging tape – in case I need to flag something
  • basic first aid kit – for cuts and scrapes only, I should carry something more appropriate for backcountry rides
  • wind jacket – cheap, reflective, packs down to the size of a fist, does the job

For longer rides, I stuff a few more granola bars wherever they’ll fit, maybe jam in some arm warmers and leg warmers with the jacket if the weather is a bit iffy, and a flashlight. Bug spray [Muskol] when needed. My cell phone goes in there as well. I used to carry the absolute minimum of water, tools, etc., but I’ve learned that carrying a little extra goes a long way when things don’t turn out like I expect they will.

DH pack

For when I’m downhillering.

Bike Park

The Evoc FR Lite Team pack is just the right size for a day on the DH bike.

  • 2L water reservoir
  • tire pump, steel tire levers, tube – thinking about going with Schwalbe’s ProCore system
  • Lezyne RAP-21-LED multi-tool
  • shock pump – air sprung suspension at both ends
  • adjustment tool for the CCDBA
  • random food for when I’m peckish
  • band aids
  • goggle lenses and tear-offs
  • waterproof, touchscreen-compatible phone baggie
  • jacket du jour [only if it’s wet out]

I usually bring the pressure gauge with me.

Trail Building

The old Dakine Heli-Pro has served me well.

building pack

The basics for scouting routes.

  • 2L water reservoir
  • Brunton clinometer
  • Garmin GPSmap 62s GPS
  • Silky Bigboy 2000 [XL teeth] – who comes up with these names?
  • granola bars
  • flagging tape
  • 100′ tape measure
  • bug spray
  • spare gloves
  • notebook
  • first aid kit
  • multi-tool
  • jacket du jour

The bear spray generally goes in the bottle cage on the bike, and then gets transferred to a belt holster while I’m digging.


This is always in flux. I transitioned from Canon to Fuji last year, and haven’t rounded out my collection of lenses quite yet. The plan is to get the 50-140 F2.8 and the 10-24 F2.8 soon. I use an Evoc Photo Scout pack.