Weekend Skills Sessions

YYCMTB Weekend Skills Sessions

It’s a jaw-droppingly good time!

Weekend Skills Sessions

Based on feedback from local mountain bikers, we’re changing the format for 2017. You wanted shorter sessions with a tighter focus on specific mountain biking skills, and that’s what we’re going to deliver.

At the end of the weekend, everyone gets a personalized progression report so you know what you’ve achieved and what you can focus on for continued improvement. After the session is complete, we’ll send you a feedback form so you can let us know what you liked and what we need to improve on. If you have questions after the sessions about what you learned, feel free to contact us at any time.

Who are these sessions for?

  • Adults [18+]
  • Weekend Skill Sessions are perfect for Level 1 and 2 mountain bikers who want to improve their riding in a short period of time. Note sure what level you are? Check the Rider Level Guide.
  • Regarding fitness level for these sessions, you don’t need to be in peak physical condition. The focus of these sessions is skill development, not how fast you can get to the top of the hill. Of course, the fitter you are, the easier it will be, so try and do some rides beforehand.


It’s all about having more fun when you ride! Each session will focus on different aspects of mountain biking. Our goal is to help you ride trails with greater confidence and control. We’ll work on different parts of mountain biking.

  • Cornering – flat corners, bermed corners, off-camber corners
  • Technical terrain – roots, rocks, etc.
  • Braking – including how NOT to go over the bars
  • Mechanical – how to do basic bike setup and maintenance
  • Descending – the really fun part
  • Climbing – to get down, you need to get up!


Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 AM – noon both days

  • Weekend Session #1 – May 27-28 COMPLETE
  • Weekend Session #2 – June 10-11 COMPLETE
  • Weekend Session #3 – July 8-9 COMPLETE
  • Weekend Session #4 – July 15-16 COMPLETE
  • Weekend Session #5 – August 19-20 COMPLETE


All sessions are $150.00

Equipment/Gear Required

  • Mandatory:
    • 1 [one] mountain bike in good mechanical condition
    • 1 [one] properly fitting and functional [no hairnets, Bell V1-Pro, Vetta, etc.] bicycle helmet.
  • Optional, but strongly recommended:
    • Food and water – it’s hard to learn skills when you’re hungry and thirsty.
    • Spare tube, pump, bike tool – it’s always a good idea to have the items you need to fix your bike [we’ll help]. Riding is more fun than walking!
    • Special items – bug spray, sunscreen, etc. We carry some of this stuff, but not much, and it might not be your favourite brand.
    • Someplace to put your stuff – a small backpack works great for putting your food, water, tube, pump, tools, etc. into. You can also get bags for your bike that work quite well off-road.

YYCMTB Weekend Skill SessionsRide with YYCMTB and develop fundamentals that you can use on any trail. YYCMTB uses the PMBIA‘s proven Six Skill System to give you the skills and confidence to have more fun on the trails!