Thar Be Bears!


We are experiencing one of the earliest starts to the Calgary-area mountain biking season in years. The warm weather means more rides, more often, but in areas that we don’t normally have access to until later in the season. Bears are up and about, and we’re seeing quite a few on local trails. Trouble may be bruin, but it doesn’t have to. Da Bears So, what do you do when you spot a bear on the trail? Alberta Environment and Parks […]

Trail Maps, Conditions and Weather

The Trailforks app provides live map, conditions and trail information.The Trailforks app provides live map, conditions and trail information.

Knowing trail conditions before you head out to mountain bike is very handy for anyone travelling from Calgary to trails 45 – 90 minutes away. At least as important is being able to find the trails in the first place! There aren’t any all-inclusive resources for weather, trail conditions and trail maps, but I like these… Trailforks Trailforks is a global, web-based, crowd-sourced, ad-free MTB-specific trail map/conditions site, with a very nice free mobile app for iOS and Android. It’s a one-stop-shop for […]