Bike Check – Banshee Prime

Banshee Prime

Many moons ago, I was deep into the analysis paralysis zone of choosing a new bike to replace my Ibis Mojo HD. Eventually, I settled on the Banshee Prime after riding Banshee’s Spitfire a few times last summer. I had thrown a leg over a few plus bikes as well, and wanted a certain amount of future-proofing, which the Prime delivered – 27+, 29 and 29+ wheel setups were all doable with various dropout options. I knew what I liked from […]

Bike Check – Ibis Mojo HD

Ibis Mojo HD - Time for a new bikeThis is my Ibis. It's going to be a hard act to follow.

I picked up an Ibis Mojo HD in 2013 after test-riding a Mojo SL-R that was a size too small, and set up for somebody 30 pounds lighter than I was. Sitting on the SL-R, I hit 50% sag and managed to clip a pedal on the ground when I stood up to sprint. On the same day and on the same trails, I also tried some sort of Santa Cruz carbon uber-bike, whatever top-end Trek offering was there, and a $6k […]

Hey David, What Pedals Should I Get?

clipless pedalsI don't know when I got these, but it was a while ago. They still work great. Shimano XT clipless pedals.

Hey David, Should I Get Clipless or Flat Pedals? Yes, one of those two types of pedals should be used on your mountain bike. Seriously though, it depends on a few things… If you are completely new to cycling, or haven’t thrown a leg over a bike in a long time, it’s probably going to be easier if you start off with flat pedals. Flat pedals are great when you’re learning, ‘cause you can just step off the bike any […]