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At YYCMTB, our goal is to help you be a better mountain biker. We are focused on increasing your technical skills so you can tackle roots, rocks, drops, jumps and all the other things that you’ll find on the trail. More skills mean more smiles, and less time picking yourself off the ground! Before we can help, we need a little information about what everyone wants to ride. The most effective way to get that info is with a short survey […]

Spin Sisters Save on Skills…

Spin Sisters

…and guided rides too! YYCMTB is happy to support the Spin Sisters by offering current members a 10% discount on all services, Skills Sessions and Guided Rides through to the end of the 2016 season. This includes the Weekend Skills Camps, the Weekly Series, the Fernie trips and everything else that YYCMTB offers. Members can get the discount code through the “Member Zone” or contact YYCMTB directly for help.

Weekend Skills Sessions

Weekend Skills Sessions Based on feedback from local mountain bikers, we’re changing the format for 2017. You wanted shorter sessions with a tighter focus on specific mountain biking skills, and that’s what we’re going to deliver. At the end of the weekend, everyone gets a personalized progression report so you know what you’ve achieved and what you can focus on for continued improvement. After the session is complete, we’ll send you a feedback form so you can let us know […]



Frequently Asked Questions = FAQ, as asked by my Mom, my friends, some people I met at a party, etc. So, what is YYCMTB, exactly? YYCMTB combines multiple aspects of mountain biking into one service-based company. Trail guiding and mountain bike skill instruction are a natural fit. Riding with many different people on different trails helps inform trail building and stay on top of emerging trends in trail design. Also, it’s the best job in the world – ride, teach and […]

Private Mountain Biking Skill Sessions


Scheduling a private session from YYCMTB can be the fastest way to build your mountain biking skills! Are you not quite ready for a session with a bunch of other people? Would you rather be in a session by yourself or with a couple of close friends? Are you looking for coaching on a very specific aspect of your mountain biking? Can’t make it to our weekly or weekend skills sessions? Are you part of a corporate, school, or community group […]