Frequently Asked Questions = FAQ, as asked by my Mom, my friends, some people I met at a party, etc. So, what is YYCMTB, exactly? YYCMTB combines multiple aspects of mountain biking into one service-based company. Trail guiding and mountain bike skill instruction are a natural fit. Riding with many different people on different trails helps inform trail building and stay on top of emerging trends in trail design. Also, it’s the best job in the world – ride, teach and […]

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Thanks for looking at YYCMTB’s Terms and Conditions! There are some key things listed here, and they are worth a read. Everyone participating in YYCMTB activities agrees to abide by the following terms, conditions and guidelines: Safety Part of good guiding is providing a positive environment for all riders. To that end, YYCMTB does not tolerate discriminatory, racist or sexist comments and/or activities used against its coaches or clients. Further, YYCMTB has a strict policy against the use of […]

YYCMTB At Your Service

YYCMTB - David and Mike

YYCMTB offers mountain bike skills coaching lessons and trail design/build services in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas. YYCMTB Mountain Bike Skills Coaching Our goal is to help you have more fun on your bike by improving your riding skills. Most people aren’t born with the ability to ride a mountain bike. We will work with you to improve your skills, build your confidence and help you enjoy your rides more. Together, we’ll develop your ability to ride all kinds of trails! […]