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Bike Check – Banshee Prime

Banshee Prime

Many moons ago, I was deep into the analysis paralysis zone of choosing a new bike to replace my Ibis Mojo HD. Eventually, I settled on the Banshee Prime after riding Banshee’s Spitfire a few times last summer. I had thrown a leg over a few plus bikes as well, and wanted a certain amount of future-proofing, which the Prime delivered – 27+, 29 and 29+ wheel setups were all doable with various dropout options. I knew what I liked from […]

First Impressions – Banshee Spitfire

[This is coach Mike’s initial take on the Banshee Spitfire. He’ll do a full review later, once he’s got more time in the saddle.] It’s been a month since I’ve put my 2017 Banshee Spitfire together,although I’ve spent some time on a Spitfire before. I had a shop demo bike from Banshee last year so I knew what I was getting myself into. Right off the bat I knew this bike would suit my riding. Besides having geometry on the […]

Bike Check – Ibis Mojo HD

Ibis Mojo HD - Time for a new bikeThis is my Ibis. It's going to be a hard act to follow.

I picked up an Ibis Mojo HD in 2013 after test-riding a Mojo SL-R that was a size too small, and set up for somebody 30 pounds lighter than I was. Sitting on the SL-R, I hit 50% sag and managed to clip a pedal on the ground when I stood up to sprint. On the same day and on the same trails, I also tried some sort of Santa Cruz carbon uber-bike, whatever top-end Trek offering was there, and a $6k […]