In the old days, a page like this would be called “Links” instead of “Resources”, and be a long list of links to other websites. Instead, we’ve created a curated compendium of mountain bike-related resources. This is stuff that works for us, and it might work for you too.

Online Tech Guides

This is a short list, but I use these whenever I can’t figure something out and destructive testing isn’t an option.

Trail Conditions and Maps

There aren’t that many places to find good info on trails and conditions. While there are literally hundreds of kilometres of trail in the Calgary area, it can be challenging to figure out what is worth riding and what isn’t. I’ve listed some of the resources that I use, and why I use them.

Food and Drink

This is basically a biased collection of my favourite pubs.

What’s In Your Pack?

Stuff I take with me to the trails, and some of the rationale behind my decisions.