Private Mountain Biking Skill Sessions

YYCMTB private skills sessions

Scheduling a private session from YYCMTB can be the fastest way to build your mountain biking skills!

  • Are you not quite ready for a session with a bunch of other people? Would you rather be in a session by yourself or with a couple of close friends?
  • Are you looking for coaching on a very specific aspect of your mountain biking?
  • Can’t make it to our weekly or weekend skills sessions?
  • Are you part of a corporate, school, or community group that needs a customized private session?

Try a Private Skill Session

We will work with you to create a customized session that meets your specific needs. Your session can include anything you want:

  • Cornering – flat corners, bermed corners, off-camber corners
  • Technical terrain – roots, rocks, etc.
  • Descending – the really fun part
  • Braking – including how NOT to go over the bars
  • Mechanical – how to do basic bike setup and maintenance
  • Climbing – to get down, you need to get up!
  • Air – getting your wheels off the ground

If you’re not sure what you want, please contact us and we will figure it out together!

If you know what you want, click the button…