Powderface Short Loop – Video

We get a lot of questions about trails outside of West Bragg. The Powderface Short Loop is a good one to look at.

This used to be one of the go-to rides in Kananaskis, long before Moose Mountain and West Bragg were developed [raise your hand if you rode it on a hardtail XC bike]. Since the early 90s, parts of it have been rebuilt 6-7 times, plus erosion and cattle have worked their magic. These days, it’s a wide-open ripper without that many people on it [weekends can be busy with hikers] that can be done in 45-90 minutes. The climbs are a bit steep, but quite open and generally show up in the first half of the ride. In the fall, it’s one of the best after-work rides in the area and definitely worth checking out.

The best way to ride this loop is clockwise from the parking lot. That puts you onto long, fast descents with moderate climbs. Is this a good loop for kids? It can be, but the climbs will be a bit much for young ones. Teens will do better, especially on bikes with lower gearing. There are a couple of challenging tech sections, but they’re pretty obvious and you can walk them if they’re too sketchy for your tastes.

Thanks again to Banshee for the sweet bike, MRP for the awesome fork, and for Smack Cycles for their ongoing support.

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