Banshee Bikes and YYCMTB

Good news everyone! YYCMTB is very stoked to be part of the Banshee Bikes ambassador program! Big thanks to Michael at Banshee, and Mike and Lorne at Smack Cycles for helping to make it happen. The story on how this came to be is short… but I’m sure I can drag it out. Back in the 50s, television was an exciting development in the world of home entertainment, but must be considered in the wider socioeconomic climate stemming from and subsequently …

2016 Banshee Spitfire at rest.

The 2016 Spitfire that I thoroughly enjoyed last summer.


Last summer I rode a few bikes, with the objective of finding a replacement for my trusty Ibis Mojo HD. I rode 650B, 27+ and 29ers from many of the biggest bike companies and some boutique players too. There were a few carbon superbikes in the mix as well. Some felt good, some felt not-so-good, but they were all as fast or faster than my Ibis on the local trails that I’ve been on dozens of times. There was one bike that felt great and was very fast – the Banshee Spitfire. Despite not being carbon-framed [gasp!], nor having carbon wheels [say what?], it was just awesome – easily the best-feeling bike I rode in 2016.

Banshee 2017

After much thought, I decided to go with a 29er for my next bike, and the Prime was definitely in the running – slack, with just the right amount of travel and adjustable geometry. For 2017, the weight dropped and the geometry was updated. I had got my Ibis just before the entire universe went to 650B, and I liked the adaptability of the Prime when it came to new “standards” [142, BOOST, 27+, 29, 29+ depending on the rear dropouts]. I was also looking at some other brands, but Mike suggested we talk to Banshee before I made a decision. One thing led to another, and my new orange whip should be here by the end of March April!

All Banshee, All the Time

While I wait for the Prime to arrive, there are two other frames I’m building up:

  • Banshee Darkside – shuttling and lift-accessed riding
  • Banshee Amp – DJ and pumptrack

If you see me or Mike rolling on our sweet Banshees this summer, feel free to ask us about them.

Banshee Darkside - YYCMTB

It’s just so… black! I like big bikes and I cannot lie – this one needs a few more parts, like a seatpost, new stem, bar, grips, seat…

Banshee Amp

The Amp has a few more parts hanging off of it. Pedals and a seat [!] are on the way. The hubs and decals clash in a late-90s-MEC way.

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