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At YYCMTB, our goal is to help you be a better mountain biker. We are focused on increasing your technical skills so you can tackle roots, rocks, drops, jumps and all the other things that you’ll find on the trail. More skills mean more smiles, and less time picking yourself off the ground!


Before we can help, we need a little information about what everyone wants to ride. The most effective way to get that info is with a short survey about how you ride and how you want to ride. It takes less than 5 minutes.

>>> Click Here to Take the Survey <<<

Thanks for your assistance. Feel free to send the survey link on to anyone who might be interested. See you on the trails!

YYCMTB Highline Canmore

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  1. Great weekend session with David, increased my knowledge, skills, confidence. Now its up to me to increase my stamina:).
    Thanks again, highly recommend spending time with YYCMTB.

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