Booking NOW for 2016 Sessions

It’s time to get out there! YYCMTB is booking private skill sessions and guided rides right now! So far this spring, the weather has been extraordinarily cooperative. Trails that are normally not dry until late May [or later] are ready to ride!

YYCMTB Highline Canmore Booking

Highline Trail, Canmore, Alberta

Skill Sessions

  • Are you new to mountain biking?
  • Do you want to tune up your skills before tackling an enduro or 24 Hour race?
  • Do you simply want to ride better and have more fun than you did last year?
  • Is your significant other a crappy teacher?

Booking a Skill Session is a perfect way to pump up your ability to tackle trails with confidence. Private sessions are 100% customized – you and up to 5 friends can work on the exact skills you need. It’s up to you; climbing, descending, roots, cornering, even trailside bike repair can be part of the session. What do you want to do?

Guided Rides can be booked now, although we may have to wait for some of the alpine trails to completely clear of snow before hitting the bigger rides [I’m looking at you, JP-Cox]. Still, if you want to get a jump on the 2016 riding season and check out some routes that you aren’t familiar with, there’s no point in delaying – ride while the trails are dry!

Booking Now

Private Skill Session  Private Guided Ride 


Don’t delay, book today!